Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Exhibit Coming To History Museum


 Director Barrett
Construction of the People's Railroad exhibit at the Museum of History on Section St. downtown should be completed in about a month according to Director Barrett: an exact replica of one of the cars with one set of the original steel wheels.

The Single Tax Corporation built the railroad in 1914 to bring visitors up the hill from the pier to the town center.  Barrett said it would be a great tourist attraction if it still exited today; but the cost of rebuilding it would be prohibitive.

The non-profit Friends of the Museum organization (clk) provided most of the funding and city employees helped install the windows and other trim: Barrett said he intends to do the painting himself, perhaps with help from museum volunteers.

Numerous items of local historical interest are on sale in the Friends' store on the ground floor; all proceeds go to the museum.

Museum Store

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we dont need no socialist railroad here now.