Monday, February 15, 2016

Old Point Clear School To Be Demolished

Fairhope, Alabama

City building inspector Eric Cortinas has contacted the private owners of the old school that burned in January of 2014 (arson suspected) about demolishing the remains which are unstable and potentially hazardous to anyone wandering in there; it is burned beyond repair.

The property is owned by Jack and Mary Spinks according to county land records.

Probably nothing left is salvageable, even the bricks, according to a local historian.

Built in 1924, the school was last used for regular classes in the 1950s and for various purposes since then including a community center.

The property was auctioned off by the school board in 2007.

ca 1940


Anonymous said...

i can use the bricks in my garden.

Anonymous said...

I find that the bricks are not salvageable very hard to believe. As for wanderers on the property, that is called trespassing.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the yuppies in Fairhope trying to save this building? This is just as much a history as that eyesore downtown. Come on people, step up to bat. This school needs to be saved, could take some of the congestion off of our over populated schools. Not in the right neighborhood? Not "Fairhope" enough for you? But, it is in Fairhope, so let's save part of history.

Publisher said...

Apparently, cleaning bricks is labor intensive.

Anonymous said...

That land would be a good place for a park...