Thursday, February 4, 2016

Soccer Complex Falls Behind Schedule

Fairhope, Alabama

Manley Road soccer complex

Because of the frequent rains over the Winter, the new soccer complex has fallen behind schedule: the irrigation system is being completed now and the next step will be laying the grass sod this month -- about 80 tractor-trailer truck loads will me needed.

Some minor erosion has occurred, but very little red clay appears to have run off the site into the Fish River watershed.

The project should still be completed this Spring though,  but will not be used until the annual Fall Halloween tournaments.

(The city of Foley is also currently constructing a similar soccer complex behind Tangier Outlet stores: about the same progress there.)


Representatives from the Fairhope Soccer League (formerly Mobile Soccer League) met recently with Single Tax Corporation directors about providing around $500K to construct concession stands, restrooms and locker rooms: total cost of all will be about $1.2 million according to previous estimates.

The city has budgeted an additional $620K for the project this year.

Exact locations for the remaining facilities have yet to be determined.

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