Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sports Leagues Submitting "Wish Lists"

Fairhope, Alabama

January Recreation Committee meeting.


The city's various sports teams and leagues (football, youth football, soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, girls softball, baseball, et al)  are submitting their "wish lists" of  projects to be considered for inclusion in an updated five year plan for recreation construction.

See the current 5 year plan below.
Coach Carter at center.

The annual league summit required by the city ordinance forming the committee, was to be held in late January to receive their lists -- and go over other financial and budget-related data of each organization. (League presidents serve an ex officio members of the committee.)

Ordinance: "A mandatory meeting will be held once yearly in the first quarter of the year with recreational league presidents for the purpose of collecting required financial statements and insurance from league officials, to review budget requests, policy and regulatory changes, and coordinate events between the different leagues." 

Two members of the girls softball league (clk) were present at the January Recreation Committee meeting and expressed their need for more fields at their Barnwell complex to accommodate new tournament requests they have been receiving (Travel Teams).

Fairhope high school's new football coach Carter also attended to convey the needs of that school, whose fields are maintained by the city.

The non profit Pirate Booster Club (clk) also heavily supports school sports and receives yearly donations from the city as well.

The current five year plan in priority order:

1. Construct Manley Rd. soccer complex: Spring 2016 completion date.
2. Volanta Park engineering study to add more fields, parking, improve drainage. Cost $125K
3. Expand Tennis Facilities: Bids are now out for options for six new courts. 
4. Renovate Volanta Park according to #1. This project could cost several million.
5. Improvement/Expansion of disc golf according to #1 -- or possible relocation.
6. Rebuild home and visitors concession stands at Majors Field. $100K. Home side done last year.
7. Construct a splash pad at the pool. $100K.
8. Expand the recreation center. Cost $500K.

* Restrooms at the Stimpson tennis court locker rooms are now automatically-opened at 6AM and
   closed at 10PM.
* Bids are about to be solicited for visitor press box renovations at the stadium.
* Playground equipment and picnic tables will be replaced at the beach park.
* Bids for the new tennis courts were to be opened in early February (3 options).

Alternative school site before demolition

Committee member Charlie Langham said he had been in contact with Baldwin School Board's Cecil Christenberry  about using space adjacent the old alternate school on Twin Beech road as practice fields for various sports: the board seemed receptive to the idea according to Langham.

(Publisher's Note: Sadly, former Fairhope Tennis Club president David Mauritson died in a plane crash in early February. He was a frequent visitor to Recreation Committee meetings to advocate for  his sport - clickhere.)

Mauritson at right last Summer



Anonymous said...

what a waste/ Fairhope puts way too much money into baseball fields and soccer only to redo and redo . Volanta visitors (kids and parents) trash the place. There is always trash that is left for others to pick up. I would hate to see their house.

Anonymous said...

Instead of spending our taxdollars on "wants" like these that would be nice amenities it would be more wise for leaders to take care of the real "needs" first, like the severe traffic and drainage problems facing our city.

Anonymous said...

Why is coach Carter sitting there with the Board? Is he a member now? Don't we give the schools enough money for their football already? Greed is not good!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

maybe put more emphasis on the erosion problem instead of baseball fields. There is more than enough fields and more going in .