Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Still Another New Fairhope Bank Planned

Fairhope, Alabama

Old Fairhope Courier building

The proliferation of new banks continues with the addition of Pascagoula-based Merchant's and Marine, in the historic 1932-vintage Post Office building on Fairhope Avenue downtown -- according to construction workers there.

The Fairhope Courier Newspaper once operated there: it has been vacant for about the last two years.

Presumably. the building will be preserved and restored but no plans have been submitted yet by the company, according to Planning Director Smith.

Mayor Kant confirmed that bank was looking at coming here, but was not aware of the exact location; he mentioned two others coming as well.

The many new banks could be a leading economic indicator of a new building boom.

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Anonymous said...

I do not trust banks anymore. They would not exist without the taxpayer bailouts from the federal government. Every boom goes bust some day.