Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fairhope Avenue Closing Next Week At CR13

Fairhope, Alabama


Unless plans change, beginning Monday, March 21st the intersection of Fairhope Avenue and Oberg Road (CR13) will be closed for up to four months to install the city's first roundabout; drivers should plan for appropriate detours.


Anonymous said...

They kept it open during construction for a while doing the one in Daphne .

Anonymous said...

Why does Baldwin County want to be Europe? The flower clock, the roundabouts...what's next? Driving on the other side of the road?

Anonymous said...

Seems like to me a traffic light would have been a lot cheaper and cost effective. Closed til July? The one at 13/64 didn't take that long. Guess Mayor Kant has to figure out how to throw some flowers in the mix.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a repost as the first one didn't take. Seems to me a traffic light would have been a lot simpler and cost effective. Closed until July? The one at 13/64 only took several weeks. Maybe King Kant has to figure out how to work in some flowers and trees. Accident waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Everyone, get ready for HEAVIER THAN USUAL Morphy Ave traffic on the east side of town! Next we will have to deal with all the new 270 something homes being built in Firethorne on Highway 181. When will 181 get widened in Fairhope? Maybe after we line the highway with Tulips and greenery that looks like heads of cabbage.