Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fairhope Recreation Committee Votes For Clay Courts

Fairhope, Alabama


After a lengthy discussion and hearing advocates from both sides (hard vs soft surface) the city's recreation committee voted 4-2 to recommend the city council approve option number two: the proposed six new tennis courts at Stimpson Field be all clay (self-watering "hydro-courts").

A second round of bid proposals was opened two weeks ago after only one company responded the first time last Summer; three companies submitted bids this time.

Two members of the local tennis community advocated for each side as well (hard vs soft).

Security issues, tournament play requirements and maintenance costs were some of the issues debated.

Possible fees for daily use of the clay courts to offset maintenance costs were mentioned as well.

Members Saltz and Langham voted no: Keyser was absent.

Council members Ford and Brewer are non-voting members of the committee -- and seemed to be on opposite sides themselves (Ford for all asphalt).

City recreation employee representatives could not vote either, but did participate in the discussion.

The matter will now be considered by the full city council, possibly at its next meeting: The costs for all of the options were higher than the $300K budgeted this year.

The council could take the committee's recommendation, or choose another option by majority vote.

By the deliberately-ambiguous state law to allow some discretion,  the lowest "responsive, responsible" bidder (meeting all specs) must be chosen out of the three that responded: the city engineer will make that determination directly o the council.

( A local asphalt paving company is the low bidder ($409K): with a subcontractor/tennis court specialist from Louisiana. Lighting is not included.)

A full time tennis pro is expected to be hired simultaneously as well, whatever the city council decides.

Option one is for an asphalt surface for all six; option two for all clay; and option three for four asphalt and two clay (hydracourts).

Three bidders responded:

1. American Asphalt, Inc. -- Option 1: $341K; Option 2: $409K;
    Option 3: $392K

2. American Tennis Courts Inc. -- $427K; $441K; $447K

3. E-J Builders -- $509K; $454K; $495K

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Anonymous said...

to be redone over and over . Fairhope is a mess, All of these projects that go nowhere. Just wait and read about clay courts falling apart in 6 months