Sunday, March 13, 2016

Flood Prone House Still Waiting For Relief

Fairhope, Alabama

The owners of a house at 705 Cedar Ave. got tired of waiting for a state flood-mitigation grant and began addressing flooding problems on their own -- but had to stop because of a previous agreement with the city settling a lawsuit.

No building permit has been issued; they agreed not to make any alterations that could affect the city's storm drains downstream in the street, according to city officials.

According to court records, the owners, Everete and Jackie Barnette, sued the city in 2006 alleging the storm drains were of inadequate design and poorly maintained; but that suit was ultimately settled confidentially and dismissed "with prejudice."

Water has come into the house several times over the years during heavy rains and mayor Kant told the Times the FEMA grant money is still tied up in red tape in Montgomery.


Anonymous said...

Typo - "water has cone"

Anonymous said...

If we had a representative in Montgomery that actually did something, they could help spread this along.