Saturday, March 5, 2016

More Serious Storm Damage Reported

Fairhope, Alabama


Besides contributing to the partial collapse of a brick wall at city hall, the big storm of February 24th did significant damage all along the city's shoreline: especially at the Magnolia Beach area where more sand washed away and landings at the end of two small piers were dislodged.

Wednesday. Feb. 24 storm
The Times' weather reporter captured the storm live early one morning last week -- clk.

Sand that was trucked in almost two years ago at a cost of $70K (clk) has completely washed away, creating a sand cliff and threatening the trees and other plants again.

Also, it appears the seawall south of the main pier is leaning more and some wooden timbers and concrete were further damaged: new sink holes were developing there as well.

A landing at the end of the White Avenue pier was also shifted off its foundation.

The mayor said total costs for the repairs this time could be substantial.

Magnolia Beach

A town meeting is scheduled for March 24th for anyone interested in shoreline erosion issues to provide input into the new Beach Management Plan for the city.

South Coast Engineering is developing the plan that is to focus mostly on two main beaches: North Beach Park and Magnolia Beach.

The meeting will be held at the library from 4:00 - 5:00 pm.

North (duckpond) beach

park south of main pier

south of main pier

Magnolia Beach

Pecan Ave. pier

Pecan Ave. pier landing

Pecan Ave. pier

Orange Ave. pier landing

White Ave. pier


Anonymous said...

Mother Nature at her best. Evidently these areas were not planned by her to be a tourist area. Let nature take her course and let the city find another way to "beautify" Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

Fairhope was far more beautiful and desirable before all the things Fairhope city leaders and others have done to her!

Anonymous said...

what do the city leaders do for their pay? nothing apparently. asleep at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

This group is not know for long range plannin. chaos is their theory of govenment.

Anonymous said...

I think our city leaders are doing a great job! This is a problem everywhere.

Anonymous said...

storm damage otherwise known as beach erosion from high and low tide. Sand is always shifting. Fairhope will probably get funding for storm damage, which is sad,sad,sad! My opinion calling it storm damage is dishonest!

Anonymous said...

no it is not a problem everywhere, insurance is out of this world here not to mention taxes

Anonymous said...

I guess someone's cousin has to fix it . how many times do they repair it the same way over and over. Time to call cousin bobby joe

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. There is no permanent repair to displaced substrate from agitated water. Either you build a wall/bulkhead or let Mobile Bay run its course. This has nothing to do with city leaders or their pay.