Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Fairhope Beach Repairs Underway

Fairhope, Alabama

More sand was being brought in and spread onto the Magnolia Beach -- and repairs made to the city's storm drain there as well.   

Two pier landings in the area damaged during the big storm two weeks ago have also been repaired.

Costs for the repairs have not been discussed during any public meeting so far.

Note: (The city of Daphne recently decided to remove a boat launch ramp at their Mayday Park, because it was causing similar beach erosion)


A town hall meeting will be held on March 21st to discuss a new beach management plan.

Public Meeting
for input on the City of Fairhope Beach Management Plan March 24, 2016, 4:00-5:00 pm
Fairhope Public Library

If you are interested in the future or have historical data of Fairhope’s public bay beaches, please attend a public meeting to learn about and provide input to the development of Fairhope’s Beach Management Plan. The development of this plan is being jointly funded by the City and a grant from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and is being done under a contract with South Coast Engineers, a coastal engineering consulting firm in Fairhope. The focus is on the future management of the City’s two largest public beaches:
  1. North Beach Park (the beach north of the pier) and,
  2. Magnolia Beach Park (the beach between the Pier Street Boat Ramp and the American Legion).
The tentative agenda for this public meeting is:
Jennifer Fidler, Public Works Director
Explanation of Study Scope
South Coast Engineers
Why we think our beaches are eroding
South Coast Engineers
The recent history of coastal engineering
South Coast Engineers
Public Input and Comments


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Noah said...

One of the major attractions to us in buying our home on Orange Avenue was the beauty of the Magnolia Beach Park. We visit it daily with our dogs, and have met many neighbors and made new friends there. it is a great area and I hope we are able to protect and maintain the beaches. We will be at the meeting Thursday.