Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Tennis Courts Bid Proposals Opened

Fairhope, Alabama

The bids for three options for six new tennis courts to be located at Stimpson Field Park on Morphy Ave. were opened recently by the city engineer.

Option one is for an asphalt surface for all six; option two for all clay; and option three for four asphalt and two clay (hydracourts).

Three bidders responded:

1. American Asphalt, Inc. -- Option 1: $341K; Option 2: $409K;
    Option 3: $392K

2. American Tennis Courts Inc. -- $427K; $441K; $447K

3. E-J Builders -- $509K; $454K; $495K

The city engineer will evaluate each for compliance with specifications and then make a recommendation to the city council: by state law, the lowest "responsive, responsible" bidder must be awarded -- in this case #1 (if specifications are met).

$300K has been budgeted for the new courts.

The city council has asked the Recreation Board to make a non-binding recommendation for which combination of court surfaces to go with (possibly as early as its next meeting).

According to their websites and data provided in the bids, American Tennis Courts is the only bidder that specializes in tennis courts: the others would hire subcontractors, according to a city official.

(This is the second RFQ for tennis courts; only one bidder responded previously last summer (clk), American Tennis Courts.)

Tennis Assn. officers watched bid opening


Anonymous said...

If the one company with experience building tennis courts is not selected, there will be trouble down the road for this project as well. A no brainer ... .

Anonymous said...

do we rally need any more tennis courts or are they just wants.

Anonymous said...

Take care of the library first before any more new sport complexes approved.

Anonymous said...

Not sure the need for more courts, pass by there multiple times a day and never see them hardly being used except when the high uses them. Waste of money for only a few people wanting clay. I say go join the tennis club.

Rusty said...

I would rather the money be spent on fixing the library. Tennis courts can wait to make a few people happy.