Thursday, March 3, 2016

Updated: Preparations Underway For More Street Paving

Fairhope, Alabama

Correction: A Times reporter did receive the list of roads to be paved from the city clerk and public works department in a timely manner: it was attached to the end of another request. Our apologies to all involved.

City of Fairhope Maintenance Paving in Fairhope 2016
Founder's Park
N School St.
N. Beach Dr.
Masonic Dr.
Edwards Ave.
Fairwood Blvd.
Gayfer Ave.
Greenwood Ave.
Lowry Dr.
Hucknall Dr.
Horn Lane
N. Ingleside St.
Jasmine/Yupon Ave
McDonald Lane
Morphy Ave.
Myrtle Ave
S Summit St.
Volanta Ave.
N. Church St.
S Mobile St.
S Church St.
S School St
DeLamare Ave.
Young St.
S Section St.
Fire Station 1

Gayfer Ave.


Public works crews were busy making curb and gutter repairs to Gayfer Ave. in anticipation of the beginning of a  $1.1 million road paving project later this month.

Besides Gayfer, the Times has learned that Ingleside St.,  De La Mare and Johnson Streets downtown are likely on the list -- as well as the parking lot behind the French Quarter and maybe the Eastern Shore Art Center's parking lot.

The Times has had a public records request in for some time for the whole list, but has received no reply yet.

Many city streets were damaged by the heavy rains of the past four years (potholes).

According to informed sources, John G. Walton Inc. is the low bidder, the same as currently finishing up the Fairhope Ave. paving project.

(No mention has been made of how the roads will be painted/striped)


Anonymous said...

this blog suxs a big one ...

Anonymous said...

Seems like we are paving streets that are already in descent condition. Fairwood Blvd. is in very rough condition, pot holes, loose pavement, bad drainage and ugly medium strip. This street has very high traffic levels in the morning and afternoon comprised of school buses, student drop-off and people trying to get to work.

Gayfer Resident said...

Should be interesting watching Gayfer Highway being paved. Maybe once it completed they will raise the speed limit to 45, that way no one fill guilty as they speed along down this neighborhood street.

Anonymous said...

After a closer look Fairwood Blvd is on the list. Go Fairhope!