Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Upgrades To Sewage Treatment Plant Dedicated

Fairhope, Alabama


Councilman Burrell, Mayor Kant at center
After a ribbon cutting by councilman Burrell, Mayor Kant, construction contractors and plant operators -- sewage plant manager Dan McRory conducted a tour of the facility highlighting upgrades to the intake filtering system, emergency generator, additional "fuzzy" filters and final sterilization of the effluent by ultraviolet light which then discharges via a three thousand foot, thirty inch diameter pipe down the gully and well out into the bay.

The emergency 1.5 KW generator is fully enclosed to limit noise and can operate for a week to power the entire plant -- on one tank of fuel.

Although confident of the purity of the final eflfuent, McRory declined to take a sip of it.

According to a press release:

new intake filters
"The City’s goal is not to just comply with our National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (or NPDES) permit limits but to clean our wastewater better than anyone and to keep the highest  of water quality in our streams and Bay to enjoy.  The upgrades provide additional nutrients removal and enhanced the effluent quality to ensure that the effluent that leaves the facility much cleaner than regulatory requirements.
The current upgrades were completed in February and the construction contract amount was $100,000 under budget at the time of completion."

new "fuzzy" filters

clean effluent from fuzzy filters

final ultra violet treatment


Anonymous said...

Kudos to all that made this happen. Under budget and exceeding national water quality standards. That's something we can be proud of.

Mark Bernasconi said...

Great job all around. Money well sent. This will benefit Fairhope and the region.

Anonymous said...

This is great. Finally something that will benefit all instead of those few elite that want the tennis courts to be just so for their benefit.

Anonymous said...

It was the last city council who did the heavy lifting to bring this about by raisng sewage rates and taxes. the current group has done nothing so far, except take the credit at photo ops.