Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Airport Meeting Scheduled Tuesday

Fairhope, Alabama

New airport hangar under construction

The city's Airport Authority will meet tomorrow at 4:30 (Tuesday, Delchamps room) to discuss new hangar and fuel farm construction, among other things: one hangar is already underway and another by a company owned by the the city-team of Authority member Ray Hix and city Judge Haymes Snedecker is planned nearby later.

Military training flight

After representatives from the Navy met with citizens at last month's  sometimes-raucous meeting (Commander Eric Seib, Randy Roy), they seemed split about whether the plane noise problem was better now.

Some told the Times it was improved, but others unchanged.

The Times' aviation reporter has observed that the planes generally are more out over the bay now -- and executing higher, tighter turns in the vicinity of the airport.

They must use major north-south highways (US 98) and the coastline for orientating the new pilots, according to a Navy officer that was present for the last meeting.

Planes marked orange on the bottom are Navy; blue are Air Force.
Commander Seib standing left

Increased defense department use increases the chances of the AA getting additional FAA grants to facilitate further airport expansion -- especially on the east side where a new terminal and industrial office building are being planned.

A Facebook (click) page was established by the citizens to deal with the issue.

Randy Roy is the contact for the military:

Pictures from the March meeting:

NAS Whiting Commander Seib standing at left
Councilman Burrell far right
Hix fourth from left, seated