Friday, April 15, 2016

City Hall Does Have "Structural Problems"

Fairhope, Alabama


A contract has been awarded to low bidder Youngblood and Barnett Construction of Mobile for $103,000 -- for repairs to the brick west wall of the 1960s-vintage city hall which collapsed last month after a severe rain and wind storm.

Wind blown water intrusion had caused metal straps holding the brick up to deteriorate, expand as they rusted, and ultimately give way after over fifty years of use.

Repairs to the canopy in front or the brick wall at the utility payment window were apparently not included in this contract.

The building was once a Delchamps grocery shore.


Engineers determined the bricks were indeed a structural element supporting the whole structure, not just a facade: unusual by today's design standards since brick absorbs moisture at a different rate than the other supporting element: a concrete-block inner wall.

Some USA Nursing classes that had been using the old library area had to be suspended because of the problem, according to the Mayor.


In his state of the city address last February, Mayor Kant set expanding and remodeling the entire building by adding a second floor as a possible long-range priority: more office and meeting space is desperately needed.

Incorporating a performing arts facility into the design -- perhaps with help from a local non-profit organization -- may also be a possibility.

The city council has not taken a position on it yet.


Anonymous said...

Buy the Hayek and adjacent land on Greeno Road they want to re-zone and build a new city complex there. Bulldose the old Delchamps building and turn into a parking lot. Solves so many problems.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty good solution, actually.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good locations on Greeno with lots of property. We definitely need a new City Hall and Civic center.

Anonymous said...

Why not use the triangle property, just a wasted nine million dollar playground for squirrels and rabbits now?

Anonymous said...

The canopy in front of USA (old library) was not damaged by the storm

Anonymous said...

just fix it up and it will last many more years .....

Garima said...


Anonymous said...

Twelve million dollar park triangle. Sits there