Monday, April 11, 2016

Updated: Fairhope Resident Vying For State School Board Tomorrow

Fairhope, Alabama

Update: Jackie Zeigler defeated Brown by a wide margin and will face Ron Davis in the November general election.

Of the 856 votes cast at the Fairhope Civic Center, Brown got 319 and Zeigler 537: county-wide Brown 3019 to Zeigler's 4154.

Matthew Brown


Turnout is expected to be extremely light for the state school board district one Republican runoff election pitting Fairhope resident Matthew Brown against Mobile's Jackie Ziegler, wife of state auditor Jim Ziegler.

Both have been closely affiliated with the ultra-conservative 'Common Sense Tea Party' movement and the main difference seems to be over the so-called 'common core' curriculum: Ziegler vows to work to repeal it immediately -- but Brown will concentrate on other issues first, since repeal is highly unlikely given the current makeup of the board.

Brown, the incumbent, was appointed  by Governor Bentley about a year ago.

The winner will face Democrat Ron Davis in the general election in November.


Anonymous said...

They both want to defund public education and shift it to private schools.

Anonymous said...

What a choice! He is a slick politician and she a religious zealot!

Anonymous said...

Uh ... then vote for the Democrat!