Friday, April 29, 2016

Fly Creek Marina Repairs Underway

Fairhope, Alabama

Fly Creek Marina

Repairs to pilings and bulkheads at the private Fly Creek Marina  are underway now; bids are being solicited to repair the pilings and seawall for part of the city's municipal marina on the other side of the creek as well.

The cost for the city marina repairs should not exceed $50K, to be taken from boat slip and rental fees for other city facilities and buildings at the marina and main pier as well (they were increased significantly last year and earmarked for harbor maintenance issues).

It is possible the same company will do both projects, if they are the low-bidder, according to the mayor.


outer channel
Also, at its last work session the city council again discussed ways to fund dredging the outer channel and possibly the creek itself  all the way to the Scenic 98 bridge: the problem has been ongoing for many years and larger boats have increasing difficulty entering.

Mayor Kant was planning a meeting with Senator Shelby and Congressman Byrne  to see if the Army Corps of Engineers would be able to participate in any way -- or other local funding would be needed.

It was suggested all stakeholders along the creek should participate in the dredging in some way: the State of Alabama owns the creek itself.

About two years ago, the city's Harbor Board was told there is insufficient commercial activity there now to justify the Corps' participation.

Some residents along the creek want to measure and monitor depth to establish a baseline before construction of the next phase of the controversial Fly Creek PUD begins upstream, probably within a year.

city marina area to be repaired

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