Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Maintenance Street Paving Underway

Fairhope, Alabama

Beach park road


park closed
Much-needed paving of the North Beach Park Drive should be completed today -- and more begun at Founders Park, on Edwards Avenue, South Mobile Street and the others on the list sometime thereafter.

J.G. Walton is the contractor.

Update: Paving of the parking lot at the national guard armory is to be reimbursed later by the state ($25K). The mayor said helping with maintenance there may encourage the state to keep the armory there, rather than relocate to Foley someday.

At last word, pavement-striping schemes for De La Mare Avenue and the Community Park lot are to be modified -- to maximize parking capacity.

To  be paved:

Founder's Park
N School St.
N. Beach Dr.
Masonic Dr.
Edwards Ave.
Fairwood Blvd.
Gayfer Ave.
Greenwood Ave.
Lowry Dr.
Hucknall Dr.
Horn Lane
N. Ingleside St.
Jasmine/Yupon Ave
McDonald Lane
Morphy Ave.
Myrtle Ave
S Summit St.
Volanta Ave.
N. Church St.
S Mobile St.
S Church St.
S School St
DeLamare Ave.
Young St.
S Section St.
Fire Station 1


Anonymous said...

they need to do this more than just every election year to catch up.

Anonymous said...

How many cookies will it take to get my street paved too?