Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bayfront Townhome Project Getting Underway

Fairhope, Alabama

Mobile St. at Cliff Dr. site


Surveying has begun and construction of a five unit mixed-use town home project at the corner of Mobile St. and Cliff Dr. is expected to begin later this year.

Old Colonial Hotel
Owners Ed and Wes Overton plan to construct the building to resemble the old Colonial Inn Hotel where they grew up.

One live work unit with office space will be included on the B3a-zoned lot.

The old building stood on the site until it burned in the mid-1990s.

Their father, was a former Fairhope mayor, Edward Overton Sr.

The planning Commission approved the project by a 5-4 vote in November of 2014 (drainage issues); then the city council approved it unanimously.

New Plan

front view

rear view


Anonymous said...

The Colonial Inn was damaged by fire in 1990 and demolished in 1992.

Anonymous said...

Looks good.

Anonymous said...

More people shoehorned in, more traffic congestion.

Anonymous said...

The owner of this blog is a fool.

Anonymous said...

Too expensive for our blood.