Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fairhope Soccer Club To Kick Off New Fundraiser

Fairhope, Alabama

New Fairhope Soccer Complex


The Fairhope Soccer Club briefed the city council Monday about its new campaign, called SCORE,  to start later this month to raise funds to purchase bleachers, goals, nets and miscellaneous other necessary equipment/amenities for the city's nine new fields nearing completion at the corner of Manley Road and CR 13.

The goals themselves could cost over $60K
Field lighting has already been installed and the parking lot paved; laying of the sod and fencing all around the complex is nearing completion as well.

Grand opening is still scheduled for this October's Halloween Bash tournament, but the Bermuda-grass fields may be usable for practice well before then.


Club president Dirk Flad told the city council about the six-month campaign beginning shortly -- and asked permission to include field-naming rights for companies/individuals willing to sponsor them for three years each.
Flad addressing council Monday

The council agreed, but reserved final approval of each name.

Besides sponsoring the fields, other fundraising will include selling brick pavers and direct gifts -- to reach their goal of over $300K this year.

A campaign website and a 'GoFundMe' account for smaller donations will also be established, Flad said.


As announced earlier, the FSTC is expected to contribute to help finance construction of concession stands and other amenities for the facility ($450K); and the city added another $600K this year to the $2.3 million it has already spent.

Construction has not yet begun on restrooms and locker rooms either.

The corporation's directors were expected to formally vote this week.

The FSTC, a 501(c)4 non-profit, uses the rent paid to it by its lessees to fund various civic projects as a demonstration of their philosophy of "cooperative individualism."


Anonymous said...

The smaart thing to do would hav been to use the two million to fix our roads and clogged intersections.

our leaders are not known for doing smart things though.

Anonymous said...

What kind of grass is it?

Anonymous said...

Are they going to charge for parking there?

Publisher said...

Bermuda grass for warm weather.