Saturday, May 21, 2016

Municipal Election Coming This Summer

Fairhope, Alabama


With the focus on the presidential election this November, citizens should not forget their city's own quadrennial election this summer when the mayor and all five council positions will be up for grabs.

As far as the Times knows, all incumbents plan to seek re-election.


According to state law, anyone living within the city ninety days prior to the election -- in this case Monday, May 23rd -- is eligible to run for office after paying a $50 qualifying fee to the city clerk during the "qualifying period."

The qualifying period will be from July 5 -19th: candidates must be registered city voters at the time of qualification.

There are no city voting districts; candidates for city council must specify which "at large" position they are seeking (Places 1-5); they cannot select more than one.

Candidates must also file Statements of Economic Interests with the State Ethics Commission (clk) simultaneously with filing Statements of Candidacy with the city clerk.

The appropriate campaign finance disclosure forms will need to be filled out as well, according to the Secretary of State's guidelines (clk).

The city's new government will be sworn in on November 7th.


Currently the mayor is paid $32,400/yr in monthly installments and regular council members $9,600; the council president receives $10,800/yr.

Additionally, all are eligible to participate in the employee group health care plan.

Council meetings are held twice monthly but there are numerous committee assignments as well during the interims: one well-known former councilman called it "almost a full-time job now,"

(Currently, the mayor serves as utilities superintendent as well -- and receives extra, separate pay for that job: the positions could be separated at council's discretion.)


Anonymous said...

That is not enough pay to have to listen to ignorant citizens whine and complain and ask for free handouts or favors endlessly.

Anonymous said...

They all should get another term.

Anonymous said...

Ho hum! Same old say so say so. As long as King Kant has the Corte's backing, nothing will ever change. They control what can and can't be passed in the city as long as it is to their liking.

Anonymous said...

Will the malicious gossip and silly family feuds never end here? Pray for our town.

Anonymous said...

Alabama politicians always rank near the bottom of integrity and ethics scores: just look now at Governor Bentley, Speaker Hubbard and Judge Moore.

Such low standards start at the top and trickle down to the municipal level.

Anonymous said...

Lori Dubose should run for mayor to.

Anonymous said...

All of them deserve another term.

Anonymous said...

Vote them all out! Unless your name is Corte, you can't get anything done in this town.

Anonymous said...

Wish people would finally get over their silly family feuds and move on.

Anonymous said...

All in all, they do a heck of a job. Before you complain, ask yourself.... Would you go to all those regular and committee meetings, take all those calls day and night, not even be able to go to the store or out to dinner on the Eastern Shore without getting pigeon holed by somebody and keep smiling at all the often rude and selfishly opinionated people who WANT "stuff" or worse the folks who just like to complain and have no other life hobbies than fussing for $20.30 a day?

Anonymous said...

U kiddin' theyre useless ... do nothing at all! Clean Sweep time baby!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone running against Boone and/or Mayor Kant yet???

Publisher said...

According to the city clerk, the answer is no in both cases; but qualifying is open until tomorrow (the 19th) at 5PM ... .

Anyone already qualified may change the place they are running for as well ... .

Anonymous said...

So, am I picking up that there could be a certain candidate that may be jumping to run in another place? Interesting.

Daddy Tom said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

I agree. HB