Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Trail Construction Finally Underway

Fairhope, Alabama

Hwy 104 north of Section St.

City public works crews have begun filling in a steep bank along the south side of Hwy 104 in preparation for the expected commencement of work next month on a sidewalk/walking trail up to Greeno Rd. -- and then north across a new Fly Creek bridge to the Rock Creek neighborhood.

Drivers are being asked to use caution there or avoid the area altogether.

The project was delayed for over a year by right of way acquisition and other technical issues.

The $550K project is funded mostly by a federal Transportation Alternative Grant; but the city will pay about $150K of that (click).

A representative from public works will be on the site Tuesday at 10AM to explain details.


Anonymous said...

Will golf carts be allowed on it too?

Publisher said...

No. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on city trails or sidewalks.

Anonymous said...

it is impossible to walk or bike in this town because drivers ignore speed laws.

Anonymous said...

I spend a good bit doing both biking and hiking here. Some near fatal contacts from drivers in a hurry or do not expect sidewalkers. I spent Two months in oergon recently. All on foot. The rules that apply to hikers/pedestrains are thus.

After my return I again come to near disastrous fate with ignorant drivers or those that dislike bikers or hikers. Never the less, if you recall the late

A proposal for video recorders on bycycles that can be used in court.

Signs everywhere teaching the ignorant ones that prosecution is eminent for not sharing the road.