Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Silverhill Completes Police Chief Interviews

Fairhope, Alabama

Marcus Green

Mayor Wilson and town council members interviewed two candidates for the job of police chief Monday in their council chamber.

Wilson said that twenty applications for the position were received, but only six were judged qualified for the office.

Out of those, three were to be interviewed by the council in a public forum.

Marcus Green who grew up on the Eastern Shore and whose family still owns a business there was first to be interviewed: He said he is currently working with the Lowndes County, Alabama sheriff's department and was a Montgomery city officer before that.

Next was Phillip Robinett, currently Assistant Chief in Mt. Carmel, Tennessee, who said he has been in law enforcement since 1977 and has served as chief of several small towns around the country including Kodiak, Alaska.  His mother-in-law has family in the Silverhill area he said.

Both men have extensive military service, and Robinett is an FBI Academy graduate.

They were interviewed for about an hour each with questions like:

Why apply to Silverhill?
What are your best qualifications? Strengths? Weaknesses?
What is your supervisory style?
Do you prefer marked or unmarked police cars?
Have you ever applied for grants?
What would you do if an official or council member did something wrong?

Perhaps the most significant ones were about "healing the community" in the wake of the situation surrounding the last chief -- and their opinions of neighborhood watch and police reserve programs, both of which had been put on hold here.

Green said the reserve officer program a good thing but had concerns about neighborhood watches because over-zealous citizens have gotten hurt elsewhere in the country; good training could overcome that he said.

Conversely, Robinett said he was a big supporter of neighborhood watches, but had mixed feeling about reserve officers who have gotten into trouble in other places because of poor training (pulled gun instead of taser as example).

Both generally said they were not informed enough about the situation with the last chief to comment about the "healing process".


The third applicant, Kevin Brock who lives on nearby Bohemian Hall Road, was interviewed at a previous meeting. He has experience as a police officer in Loxley and is currently an instructor of criminal justice at Faulkner State University, according to mayor Wilson.
Kevin Brock

Brock also operates a real estate business in the area, according to web sources.

The council will review the applications and make its selection during a coming meeting or could choose to reject all applicants and let the Baldwin County sheriff continue patrolling the town.

Phillip Robinett

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Just let the sheriff keep doing it. Use the money for more sidewalks.