Sunday, June 19, 2016

Controversial Fairhope Apartment Project Gets Extension

Fairhope, Alabama

Corte addressing June 6 meeting


The city's Planning Commission approved a request from Angelo Corte to extend the time limit to record the plat for the controversial Fly Creek Village PUD apartment amendment for another 180 days, because of a lawsuit attempting to block the project.

The city council approved the plan for the Retreat At Fairhope Village last April; but the normal sixty days allowed to record it properly may not be enough time.

The lawsuit against the city council, planning commission, Corte,  and others alleges the approved changes will damage the creek;  it also seeks unspecified "compensatory damages."

(Proponents of the amendment countered that since the new plan's total "footprint" is lower, there will be less rainwater runoff than the original plan: the amended version is better for the creek.)

Actual construction must begin within  one year.


One commissioner, George Roberds, said that considering "all the abuse we took" during the approval process, he wished the commission itself could "consider filing against them for a frivolous lawsuit."

Planning Director Smith replied said he had been directed to make no comment whatsoever about the matter.

The city was dismissed from a similar, 2009 lawsuit (click).

apartment plat


Anonymous said...

If George Roberds thinks he is so abused, maybe he should resign

Anonymous said...

He has a point though. People show up spouting the most incredible bullshit sometimes, to get what they want to satisfy their personal agendas.

Anonymous said...

The last thing Fairhope needs is these apartments. There are no such thing as luxury apartments in the long run. They will degrade overtime and will be a constant source of crime, pollution, police calls, and uninsured use of ER services. Better get Fairhope tax payers ready to pay for hiring and paying more police, fire, teachers and ER docs.

Anonymous said...

Finally the truth. The racists here think blacks and mexicans are takng over?

Anonymous said...

It is against the law to discriminate. It is not against the law to dislike any person or group, particularly when some of those groups force themselves on you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Corte will get whatever he wants. Surely, Fairhope has figured that out by now. If not, shame on you.

Anonymous said...

We are selling our Woodlands home because they may wade across the creek.

Publisher said...

Please be mindful of our commenting policies.

Anonymous said...

The trial lawyers love frivilous lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Apartments will destroy this city ... .

Anonymous said...

I do not see anything wrong with an upscale apartment complex, my problem with the project is the site of the project. Fairhope has 3 things that attrack young families to this area: 1. One of the better school systems in the area, however with short-sited planning and funding that advantage can be erased quickly. 2. Easy access to the bay, but with poor planning that becomes less attractive as the bay and it's waterways become more polluted and unnavigable. 3. Mild winters, luckily the elected officials have not found a way to screw that up, yet.

The poster that continues to clog the comments about drugs and violence associated with apartment living would have better luck with his/her comments if they could post links to their research. If they do not have the research for their comments they do appear to be bigoted and shamefully embarrassing.

Fairhope could use more areas for both high end and low end rental units, just put them in areas that do not negatively effect our fragile ecosystem.

Darnell said...

How will apartments destroy the city? People want affordable housing too. Just because they can't afford to live in your precious $500K Woodlands house, doesn't mean they can't be neighbors. Is the real argument about "poor people" & "undesireables" living too close to you, maybe shopping in Publix? Money doesn't mean class, case in point with your argument.

Anonymous said...

Why not just get The Donald to build a wall around it then?

Anonymous said...

Jobs bring people to a city. Good schools, accessible airports and an educated work force is what attracts companies.

There are no jobs in Fairhope or coming to Fairhope.
Foley is bringing some in. Mobile certainly hasn't been that successful.

Who is going to live in these apartments?

Anonymous said...

98 is becoming airport boulevard. It takes 35 or 40 minutes to get to I-10 now.