Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fairhope Library Repairs Planned

Fairhope, Alabama

Walcot at right

Original building architect Mac Walcot gave the city council an update on the progress of the repair process to the exterior of the ten year old library building (roof leaks, windows, peeling stucco).

Walcot said the scope of the project had been identified and it was time to move forward to pre-qualify specialized contractors for the job.

Mayor Kant said it was important to make sure "we have qualified people to do the work ... not just anybody" on the building's highly specialized systems.

Fairhope library east side

Walcot said he foresaw a two phase process consisting of an investigation phase where the contractors themselves may dis-assemble parts of the the building to see what's going on and how to fix it; and then a regular bid phase covering all repair costs.

Since many of the systems overlap, it's also imperative to have one "single source responsible to the city," a general contractor overseeing and coordinating the project, Walcot added.


In response to a question from councilman Boone, Mayor Kant replied that most of the building's warranties have already expired; and they shouldn't count on insurance to do "much of anything" either.

peeling stucco
Walcot said claims would be submitted anyway to see what happens -- after the problems are identified.

Items like damaged asphalt roof shingles could be pro-rated to reduce replacement costs sightly.

Mayor Kant: "We don't know now what the problems are ... but will find out. Have to get things moving ... water is pouring into the building (roof leaks)."

Kant said the city did receive about $77K from insurance partly for damage a lightning strike caused to the building last summer. The balance went to other damages from the storm elsewhere in the city.

Councilman Burrell said the repair costs should be included in next year's annual city budget, beginning Oct. 1st.


Anonymous said...

They ought to bite the bullet now and put on the spainish tile roof in the original design instead of ugly asphalt shingles.

pinching pennies always leads to problems in the long run.

Anonymous said...

even the arcitects do not know how it was built?

Anonymous said...

So the city is consulting the firm who designed this fiasco to fix it???

Anonymous said...

only one of a long series of fiascos including the skateboard park, splash pad and now the soccer complex .. .

Anonymous said...

Speaking of splash pad - is it even working anymore? Have been by there several times and in this heat - no one there.