Friday, June 3, 2016

Flood-prone Fairhope House May Get Relief

Fairhope, Alabama


Building inspector Eric Cortinas said preliminary approval was granted for a federal grant to purchase a house at 705 Cedar Avenue that has a long history of flooding: final close-out paperwork and approval by the city council is all that remains.

Cortinas said FEMA will provide most of the money to acquire the property; and the city would provide in-kind services to demolish the house and construct drainage swales there.

Then, the city would be responsible for maintaining the property.

Councilman Burrell said he had "mixed emotions" about it because the property owners sued the city in 2006 -- and a settlement was reached.

Burrell: "I thought we were done with it ... paid a settlement."

Kant said that other homes in the area are also threatened by flooding, especially with potential new development upstream.

According to court records the owners, Everete and Jackie Barnette, sued the city in 2006 alleging the storm drains were of inadequate design and poorly maintained; but that suit was ultimately settled confidentially and dismissed "with prejudice." (cannot be repeated)

About three years ago, Mayor Kant said he thought it would be in the interest of the Federal Government, who underwrites flood insurance for the property, to provide the funds to purchase the property instead of having to continually write checks when it floods.

Estimated value of the property is $225K: Funding would be provided by FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Program (click).

The Barnettes are relatives of his, according to councilman Ford.


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connections matter a lot around here.

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