Sunday, June 5, 2016

Last Year's Travel Expenses For City Leaders

Fairhope, Alabama

In response to numerous requests form our readers, the Times has obtained travel expenses for the six elected officials and some senior employees for the year 2015.

They include such items as air fare, lodging, meals, rental cars, taxi fare, registration fees and other miscellaneous expenses.

Totals From January 1 - December 31, 2015:

Mayor Kant: $12,432

Councilman Burrell: $12,507

Councilman Boone: $5,753

Councilwoman Brewer: $4,511

Councilman Mueller: $4,352

Councilman Mike Ford: $1,164

Community Affairs Director Sherry Sullivan: $7,340

Planning Department Johnathan Smith: $2,962

General Superintendent James Gillespie: $175

In addition, Mayor Kant was reimbursed $9,101 for gasoline for city-business travel in his private car. Some of the mayor's other expenses ($2,110) were reimbursed by the city's electricity supplier: the Alabama Municipal Electric Authority.

Travel to National League of Cities and Alabama League of Municipalities events made up the bulk of the expense for the year; but councilman Burrell's travel to the Paris Air Show was also significant.

(We have requested, but not-yet received the records for the first part of this year as well.)


Anonymous said...

They obviously do not stay at the Budget Inn when they go.

Anonymous said...

Seems reasonable.

Anonymous said...

$9,000+ in gas seems reasonable for one person? He'd have to be filling his car up just about every other day. Police patrolman probably don't use that much gas in a year and they actually provide a real service to the city. It sounds like the school bus tracking devices the city purchased may have been installed on the wrong vehicle(s).

Anonymous said...

Haven't put pen to paper yet, but how much does the fed's allow you on vehicle mileage on your tax returns? Nothing like this!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hubbard, Mayor Kant, City Counsel, Minions and Flunkies. Suggested summer reading: "Other People's Money" by John Kay.

Anonymous said...

whatis the mayor's salary for such a small town that he also needs $12.4K in travel expenses + $9Kfor gas in his car for "city use"a..nd what is $2110 "reimbursement to him from the Electric Authority for???

Why did Councilman Burrell NEED to go "Paris Air Show" as town business

I have noticed that for such a small town ,it has an extremly large "budget"

Publisher said...

Both Burrell and Mayor Kant have attended air shows overseas soliciting business for the Fairhope airport.

Anonymous said...

Are we paying for their spouses to attend these trips? I know a lot of the wives did attend.

Publisher said...

No, only the individual's are reimbursable, according to the law.