Thursday, June 23, 2016

Senior Fairhope Councilman Misses More Meetings

Fairhope, Alabama

Mike Ford
Seven-term councilman Mike Ford was absent from another council meeting on June 20th, his fourth absence in a row since suffering a stroke (including one special meeting).

Councilman Boone told the Times Ford is still recovering in a local nursing home on Church Street, but had no idea when or if he would return to his council duties or committee assignments before the municipal election on August 23rd.

Councilman Burrell told the Times weeks ago that Ford was having difficulties walking but was anxious to get back to work as soon as possible; Mayor Kant said he was anxious to return to work as well.

Ford has not yet indicated if he intends seek re-election, to out knowledge.

At least two recent council meetings had to be postponed because of the absence of a 3-member quorum.

Former Baldwin County revenue commissioner Phil Nix has announced he is seeking the place 4 council seat in the August 23rd election (click).


Anonymous said...

Let's get someone not connected to the system and lives in the neighborhood to run for the spot.

Anonymous said...

Where does Phil Nix live?

Anonymous said...

maybe Phil wants to be mayor some day like his daddy.

Anonymous said...

No Phil isn't running for mayor his wife is as well as Tim's little house pet and personal assistant.

Anonymous said...

We need to elect progressive forward thinking people not dinosaurs from the past.

Anonymous said...

One day you to will be a dinosaur still thinking your way is the only right way.

Anonymous said...

According to public records, Phil owns a place in the subdivision off of 13 between Gayfer and Fairhope Avenue.

Anonymous said...

Mike Ford and.Tim Kant forever Fairhope