Monday, July 25, 2016

Update (#3): Fairhope Avenue Roundabout Falls Behind Schedule?

Fairhope, Alabama

Update #3: Commissioner Chris Elliot just notified the Times that he thought it will open on August 1st as planned.  There seems to be some confusion about it.  Mayor Kant indicated August 2nd yesterday and "before school opens" on August 22nd last week.  It could be that it will open without the lanes being permanently striped ... . Check back for updates ... .

Fairhope Avenue/CR 13 roundabout


Due mostly to numerous weather delays, the roundabout at the intersection of Fairhope Avenue and CR 13 (Oberg Road) will not be completed by the August 1st target date, according to the mayor at a meeting last week.

City crews have already installed small trees and other landscaping.

It should definitely be finished by the opening of the school year on August 22th though: paving is expected this week but the asphalt will have to "cure"  some time before the striping paint can be applied.

At last weeks MPO meeting, County Commissioner Dorsey said all pressure possible has already been put on the contractors for  completion.

This is officially a county/state project, with help from the city (clk).

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Anonymous said...

who cares what day it opens, just so it is befor school. rushing always causes mistakes.