Monday, July 18, 2016

One Waying of De La Mare Avenue Approved (Updated)

Fairhope, Alabama

De La Mare looking east


After consulting with some downtown merchants who voted 6-1 in favor, the mayor and council passed a resolution to make De La Mare one way (westbound) to gain more (45 degree, angled) parking spaces and improve safety at the dangerous Section Street intersection where visibility is restricted.

More "green space" and pedestrian friendly components will be added as well to what one councilman calls Fairhope's "social street."

Additional room in mid-block will be allowed for delivery trucks too, who service businesses on the street -- and others on the south side of Fairhope Avenue through their back doors.

Police chief Petties told the Times he was on board with it, after his concerns about left turns at the Church Street intersection were addressed.

The design mentioned is preliminary and subject to further changes; no timeline for the change was mentioned.

north is up


Anonymous said...

Changing the parking from parallel to angle will create another Bancroft Street between Fairhope Avenue and Morphy Avenue. Large vehicles extending out into the traffic lane from both sides making passage treacherous. Can't you just see the scenario of a vehicle traveling east to west and two extend cab trucks trying to back out at the same time. Accidents galore waiting to happen. Add to that the delivery trucks. They will bring traffic to a halt while making deliveries unless enough room to go around.

I would have much preferred the vote to have been to make it a pedestrian only street.

Publisher said...

Because of the issues you mentioned, the "angled" parking is to be on one side of the street only.

Anonymous said...

any room left for bike racks???

Anonymous said...

then maybe bancroft should be one way to, to make more room there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, provisions were made for a bike rack

Anonymous said...

Is the skill of parallel parking going the way of the skill of cursive writing?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Won't work - no way. Too much space reserved for "green". Still not enough parking for the businesses on De La Mare. Get real folks, you want the quaintness of a small town, but this place is GROWING beyond words. Have to do something to accommodate the extra influx and parking is the only way - not GREEN space. You want people to come to our Utopia, but you don't want them to have flexibility to park. "We want you here, but we don't want you to have anywhere to park while you are here."

Anonymous said...

There is plenty of parking around downtown Fairhope. I wonder sometimes if the people that complain about the supposed lack of parking do so because they refuse to park and walk a block or two to get to a specific location? From what I can see around Fairhope a little more walking would likely do many of the parking complainers a world of good in terms of health and fitness level.

Anonymous said...

Best dang comment I've read in a while!!!