Friday, July 29, 2016

Rock Creek Neighborhood Bridge Eroded By Storms

Fairhope, Alabama

Bridge erosion

A portion of the the bank around the foundation of concrete pillars supporting one side of the Rock Creek Parkway bridge was eroded away by recent heavy rains, according to city officials; a utility line was left exposed there as well.

exposed utility pipe
Similar damage occurred there before -- and was repaired by city crews; but there may be federal grants available to construct a more permanent solution (NRCS).
Trees are leaning and have fallen into the creek on both sides: the Rock Creek Homeowner's Association owns the land adjacent the creek on both sides (according to county records).

The city has the bridge and right of way underneath; creeks themselves are considered public waters owned by the state (Al. Code 9-11-80) 

The creek provides drainage for the expansive subdivision as well as parts of southeast Daphne.

city right of way
trees in creek

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Ricky said...

This should of been fixed in 2014 intead of the one in the Woodlands.