Saturday, July 2, 2016

This Year's Travel Expenses For City Officials

Fairhope, Alabama

Updated: Correction, Brewer's expenses were $722 not $7,222


By popular request, the Times has obtained travel expenses for the first part of 2016 (until June 1st) for all elected city officials and some senior employees.

Mayor Kant had the most with $7,792 for airfare, lodging, food and other miscellaneous expenses.

Council member Burrell was second with $4,377;

Mueller third with $2,500; then

Boone with $2,394;

Brewer with $722;

Ford with $382.

Community Affairs Director Sullivan, who often accompanies the mayor, had $4,065 travel/training related expenses; Planning Director Smith had $3,061; and General Superintendent Gillespie $745.

(Mayor Kant had an additional $2,765 for gasoline costs for automobile travel)

The majority of the expenses were to Montgomery and Washington for meetings with other government officials.

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Get out your brooms. Clean Sweep Baby 2016!
Bye Bye crooked Tim and lyin' Jack!