Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Construction To Finally Begin On US 98 Walking Path

Fairhope, Alabama

Path to be on far side of US 98


Over two years in the making, the city council awarded a contract to construct a two mile, 8 foot wide, multi-use, asphalt path along US 98 from the Rock Creek neighborhood (South Drive) to State Hwy 104 -- where a five-foot concrete sidewalk will connect to the Eastern Shore Trail at Section Street.
Hwy 104 sidewalk

The project was delayed by right of way acquisition and other issues with property owners along the route.

Arlington Curb and Construction of Flomaton Al. was the low bidder at about $630K for both projects: mostly funded by federal grants through ALDOT.

The city's share of the 80/20 matching grant will be about $200K.

A 120 foot bridge and boardwalk over Fly Creek is the most costly part of the project, which is to be located within utility easements.

The contractor has 120 days to complete it.

(The city public works department recently completed a portion of the project along Hwy 104 from Washington Drive to Scenic 98, reducing overall costs by about $60K)

New US 98 trail in green


Anonymous said...

It takes an eternity toget anything done around here. Why?

Margaret Neely said...

So excited this is going to be done soon! It takes time anywhere to get permits, right-of-ways, etc. settled.

Anonymous said...

Land owner negotiations, grants,bid laws. Look how long 181 expansion is taking, and the Interstate 10 bridge just to name a few.