Sunday, August 21, 2016

Council Reverses Course On Creek Marina Project

Fairhope, Alabama

City's Fly Creek marina docks


Board member Yeager in orange shirt
After hearing objections from some Harbor Board members during its last July meeting, the city council voted unanimously (those present: Brewer and Ford were absent) to rescind a contract it had already awarded to the low bidder (but was not yet signed-- click) for repairing the city's decaying Fly Creek marina's wooden docks, pilings, and piers using more modern techniques and materials -- opting instead for less-costly traditional ones like those underway at the private Fly Creek Marina across the channel to the south and east.

The change could save over $100K and left over funds used to make other much-needed safety and cosmetic improvements there.

Most of the work, and some limited dredging, will occur at the far north end, on the west side of the creek.

Councilman Boone is the council's representative on the Harbor Board (left foreground in photo).

Traditional methods used instead

Harbor Board members provided some rudimentary plans, but were to collaborate further on the new specifications with local private sector experts on dock design; the city's contracted engineering firm (Jade Engineering) will still have to be paid fees for the work already done on their rejected design, even though it will never be used: about $8,000.

The additional new engineering costs will be included in new project cost estimates still to be determined.

(The city's attorney ok'd the wording of the rescinding resolution before adoption)

Harbor Board chairman Bob Riggs

Board member Skip Jones

Councilman Burrell at left, Mueller right


Anonymous said...

F that! They have to pay that guy themselves out of there own pockets! :-(

Anonymous said...

When are they going to clear the channel of the marina out on the pier? It needs it too.