Friday, August 12, 2016

Fairhope Candidate Forum City Council Place Two

Fairhope, Alabama

Incumbent Rich Mueller standing


Challenger Jay Robinson
During the event last week at Homestead Village, incumbent Richard Mueller said he "wouldn't need" the full time allotted to him: "I won't need five minutes ... don't say a lot ... but think I make good decisions." Citing his 21 year residency and successes of the current council, particularly in debt reduction, Mueller summed up his political philosophy as "if it is legal, most of the citizens want it, and we can afford it ... just do it." Maintaining quality of life is the number one issue and he does not support an independent school system ("we can't afford it") but would allow a voter referendum about a special school tax district. He supported the controversial Fly Creek apartment project change because it is better for the creek; population density is the same as the old plan. Major goals for this next term are to complete a heritage preservation policy, additional debt reduction, and find sources of bacterial pollution in beaches. An architect by profession,  his wife Patti is a life-long city resident and they have three adult children who grew up here.

Moderator Cody Philips
Attorney and current Planning Commission member challenger Jay Robinson defined himself as "a concerned citizen who believes in community service." He highlighted addressing rapid growth as the number one challenge as well, and proposed "changing the focus from how to get more (people) in ... to how to take care of those already here" by imposing a temporary moratorium on big new multi-family developments to "let the infrastructure catch up." Higher impact fees on such developments and better financial management of funds freed up by debt reduction could pay for necessary improvements to roads/traffic, drainage, overcrowded schools, downtown parking, performing arts center, etc. Schools are "great" now, but could be even better without imposing any new taxes (without prior voter approval): He called an independent school system "not economically feasible" and, like Mueller, voted for the controversial Fly Creek apartment project (as a Planning Commissioner) because it is more environmentally friendly to the creek. He and his wife Alex have two sons, ages 7 and 3.

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Anonymous said...

Rich never took the job seriously, accomplished nothing ... .

Anonymous said...

he's funny.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a very good politician. He was very sick for a while though.

Roger said...

None of them did anything except travel all over the place at our expense.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to vote for myself as a write-in.


Your guess is as good as mine here. Mueller is smart and he could use him, but is lack of concentration and funny boy attitude can be off putting to some. Robinson is Mueller without the class clown attitude.

Anonymous said...

"None of them did anything except travel all over the place at our expense." You can say this again!