Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fairhope Candidate Forum City Council Place Three

Fairhope, Alabama

Update: The third candidate for this position, Murray Lawrence,  did not attend this event and has published no campaign information that we know of.

Incumbent Diana Brewer


Incumbent Diana Brewer said she ran for office four years ago as a "last resort" to advocate for public schools. She cited continuing the $350K/yr financial support from the city as a main accomplishment of the current council, and highlighted the purchase of the Dyas Triangle, "104 acres of green space at the city's entrance" and the recent Akrobos school audit as others. The audit showed schools were already near the top ten and she said that "working together with the Board of Education, FEEF, and school administrators and teachers the top ten could be achieved -- or even better, the top five." "It will take the desire and some real work and effort ... but this is Fairhope ... why not the top five?" She added she thought that could be done without a special tax district or an independent system.  She also cited additional recreation facilities as accomplishments and set a performing arts center as a goal for next term. Growth is "inevitable" and maintaining quality of life is residents' #1 concern; since some city staff are "overworked," shoring up planning and zoning and public works departments in particular by adding personnel and possibly administrators for each department may help them better manage it. Brewer is employed by the Gulfquest maritime museum..

Challenger Jimmy Conyers said he grew up in Atlanta, but his wife grew up in Fairhope, a "special place." He said he was running to "contribute back to the community" and thought the current council was doing a lot of things well ... "but there are areas that can be improved on" -- and he could make a "positive impact there." The four main planks of his campaign are: (1) sustainable smart growth": growth affects everything else"; (2) education support: he has two daughters in school; (3) a thriving economy: especially downtown; (4) maintain quality of life: including environmental and cultural resources. He said he would favor allowing a referendum on a special school tax district but did not favor a totally independent school system; he also supports a performing arts facility, if feasible. How to address growth is the #1 concern though, and there's a need to be proactive: "There's a lot of pressure on infrastructure ... the comprehensive plan needs to be followed properly ... needs more teeth ...  by passing policies and ordinances to enact it properly ... otherwise  HWY 98 will look like Airport Blvd. someday ... all the way from Montrose to south of town ... some say it already does." Conyers is employed by the Merchants and Marine bank.

More information here:  Brewer (click) 
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Challenger Jimmy Conyers


Anonymous said...

she has some good ideas on paper but cant bring them about. just like the others.

Anonymous said...

Classified financial data shows the city can already afford its own school system and be rid of the dysfunctional Baldwin School Board without raising one penny more taxes!

Textide said...

why would Fairhope want Brewer, a self professed liberal, as a city councilman?

Sarah P. said...

It must be hard to fight all the abusive good ole boys there alone .


Cryin' Diana has to go, she doesn't have the moxy to get her agenda thru. Therefore Conyers has to be our guy. However he could very well be a fox in sheep's clothing as a bank president on the city council.

But whomever is elected can they make it a priority to get the drainage issues fixed in Lawrence's part of town.

Anonymous said...

cryin' diana's go to go to.


Clueless Karin: A disaster worse than the Titanic .....