Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wilson Wins In Silverhill Too

Fairhope, Alabama

Silverhill's incumbent mayor Tim Wilson (no relation to Karin to our knowledge) narrowly defeated challenger Shirley Stephens: Steven Williams won council place two and Steve Brooks place five.

Tim Wilson         106
Shirley Stephens   98

Alan Norden          57
Steven Williams  143

Steve Brooks  134
Rebel Hill         68


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why Silverhill brought their police jurisdiction all the way to Linn ridge drive on Hwy 104. And why Fairhope let them?
I know we are just an old school Fairhope neighborhood, but dang that hurts. And Silverhill has like one police officer, I feel safe now, lol.

Publisher said...

We were told the town extended its town limits to gain more potential revenue, particularly the big Fairhope Falls subdivision on Fish River.

Anonymous said...

So they can arbitrarily 'claim' territory? Without notice to or input from the affected citizens?What the heck-
Who in Fairhope govt allowed that? I called the police Dept and all they would say is that they no longer had jurisdiction.

Publisher said...

About a year ago, we were told the Hwy 104 right of way up to Langford Rd. only was annexed into Silverhill ... don't know if any more has been since then ... property owners have to request it.

The extent of police and planning jurisdictions extending beyond that were negotiated by the cities and county.

No public meetings were held about this in Fairhope, don't know about Silverhill.

Anonymous said...

So an area between Fairhope and Silverhill decided they would prefer to be a part of Silverhill over today's Fairhope, I totally get it!

Publisher said...

Not yet as we understand it. The powers that be in Silverhill are hoping so ... .