Friday, September 2, 2016

Fairhope's De La Mare Now A One Way Street

Fairhope, Alabama


De La Mare Avenue is now one-way westbound from Section Street  and angled parking spaces are being striped to provide about eleven more than before -- as well as a new truck loading zone mid-street.

The opportunity for the improvements arose after the street was paved about two months ago.

The striping scheme could be modified later depending on how the plan works -- before permanent paint is applied.

Pedestrian-friendliness and traffic congestion at Section St. should be improved as well.


Anonymous said...

hopefully the layout will be improved over what it was yesterday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the layout comment. Looks like some of the stores got more preferential treatment than others.

Anonymous said...

The layout really "sucks" for some of the store owners, but guess you can't please everyone. Just looks like the south side got a lot of the better parking places.

Anonymous said...

Massive improvement.