Monday, September 5, 2016

Foley's New Walking Bridge A Model For Fairhope?

Fairhope, Alabama

Over Hwy 59 in Foley


A Times reporter got a sneak preview of the new pedestrian bridge over Hwy 59 in Foley and found it to be of sound design and construction.

Something similar has been discussed from time to time for Fairhope's Greeno Road ... but never seriously considered: a citizen proposed one in the late 1990's with a nautical theme (fish).

Greeno was widened from two to four lanes in about 1999 and has been a significant barrier for pedestrians ever since, dividing the east from west side of town.

Some time ago, mayor Kant told the Times he would favor a more traditional ground-level crossing with pedestrian signals and islands halfway across for safety rather than a bridge; Councilman Burrell mentioned a tunnel under the road instead.

Kant said a number of senior citizens have trouble crossing to grocery stores, even at intersections.


Susan said...

Will never happen. all the money is spent on the west side in the old town.

Anonymous said...

We stopped trying to cross it long ago even at the intersections.

Crazy drivers will not yield to pedestrians, just road kill even in crosswalks.

Most Dangerous for children trying to walk to school .

Anonymous said...

They ought to be spending more on new roads not pedestrian stuff.

Anonymous said...

"Not pedestrian stuff"?! Pay attention people. The growing population and traffic issues can only be adequately solved by seriously improving and encouraging non-automobile transportation. The health benefits and combatting the growing obesity epidemic is just a happy side effect.

Anonymous said...

Want some excitement? Try crossing Greeno at Parker Ave and now we are considering a huge development at Fly Creek. This intersection will only get worse for drivers and walkers.

Anonymous said...

How much did Foley's bridge cost? Looks nice.

Anonymous said...

Bridge of Sighs