Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Roundabout Gas Station Gets Permit

Fairhope, Alabama

CR13 site filled in and smoothed over now


permit issued
After appropriate fees were paid and erosion controls installed, the city's  building department issued a land disturbance permit ... and the unauthorized foundation work for a new gas station that was begun just after the new roundabout opened on August 1st has been filled in and smoothed over by the contractor.

The contractor thought the permit he obtained for the adjacent roundabout work was adequate, according to an informed  source.

After actual building plans for the new station are submitted and reviewed, a building permit will be issued if all other city regulations on the books are met -- and construction could resume.

If the building permit is denied for some reason, the applicant could appeal to civil court for relief.


It is difficult to pinpoint from the county's planning map (below), but the site appears to be in county planning district 17 where residents have not yet enacted land use planning/zoning; but the city still issues building permits there in its ETJ (extra territorial jurisdiction): within its five mile policing jurisdiction (roughly all the way to Fish River).

In order to enact land use planning, residents of district 17, and 14 just to the east, will need to petition the county commission for a voter referendum -- and if it passes a committee of citizens will be appointed to classify all property in each district.

That has already been done in Pt. Clear's district 26 and east Daphne's district 15 to the north as well as others south (in yellow on the map).

City limits appear in green on the map.

Baldwin county planning districts


Anonymous said...

This is the type thing that will effect the growth of Fairhope. These properties either need to be in the city or they need to be in a zoning area.

Anonymous said...

he can name it ... roundabout station ...!

Kelley Michele said...

Why do we need a 4th gas station on a stretch that is less than 2 miles? So many other location to consider. Fairhopians petition against it now. If they succeed in building DON'T USE!!! Think globally.... Act locally.