Thursday, September 15, 2016

WABF Radio Back on the Air Friday

Fairhope, Alabama

New picture window view of Church Street


old antenna taken down
This afternoon, station manager Lori Dubose was finishing up the move from the old studio on S. Section Street and hoped to resume operations Friday.

(Signal strength may be less than before though.)

The new location is 9 S. Church Street.

The station has been off the air for about a week as equipment was moved and new connections made for broadcasting the signal from a new antenna site in Mobile: the familiar old one on Section Street was taken down this morning.

In keeping with their oldies theme, the studio is being decorated in suitable 1970's motif.

The old building will be torn down and the property converted into a six lot residential subdivision.

New 9 S. Church St. studio


Grady said...

It's like Alexander Shunnarah seeing a blank billboard, with some of you people. You can't STAND to see an open greenspace. Just like the lot behind the library. God forbid we just have an open area downtown anywhere. What's next?

Sally said...

You communists should go back to wherever you came from. We have property rights here and people can build whatever they like on their own property apartments gas stations whatever. In fact the old radio station property would be a good place for another gas station!

Anonymous said...

I tend to side with the green space guy. But I enjoyed the Long Leaf Pine Park, too. The natural look is too much for some control freaks to handle.

Henry George said...

"We must make land common property."
--Progress and Poverty

Anonymous said...

People are gong to be waving at LD thru that new window all day long.

Lu Pacolay said...

Ain't it the truth. Like we need 6 more houses in Fairhope. Why oh why? When is it enough?