Sunday, October 2, 2016

Another Big New Subdivision Proposed on East Side

Fairhope, Alabama

Hwy 104, east of Hwy 181


At tomorrow's Planning Commission meeting, well-known local developer and realtor for the Fairhope Realty Group, Trae Corte, is requesting approval of the 'Verandas' a 208 lot village subdivision at the southwest corner of Highway 104 and Lawrence Road -- about a half mile south of the new Saint Michael Catholic High School.

(For some reason, Lawrence Road is Higbee Road north of 104.)

Planning Commission sources tell the Times this is to be a high density single family residential development with a commercial component; it may not fully conform with the city's comprehensive growth plan because it is too far to the east of the Hwy 181 intersection where such commercial activity would normally be anticipated.

The 317 acre, un-zoned property is outside of the city limits but within the city's planning jurisdiction so the commission has sole authority to sub-divide it.

(It lies within County Planning District 14, but so far county residents there have failed to enact their own zoning.)

Current ownership is 'The Bills Llc' with a Robertsdale P.O. Box ... c/o Mary Bertolla.

T. Corte was one of those who spoke against immediately implementing a six month moratorium on subdivisions at the last city council meeting; there has been a rush of new applications since the possibility of a moratorium on development was raised two weeks ago.

(Planning Commissioner Hollie Mackellar is also a FRG agent)

Trae Corte addresses Sept. 22nd city council


Anonymous said...

Fairhope schools, police and fire, traffic mitigation are all completely at maximum capacity right now. Those developers that want continued population growth for their new neighborhoods and new apartment complexes have not been paying near enough to adequately develop Fairhope infrastructure to support larger population in this area. It is no wonder they want to keep building like crazy given what they have been getting away with in the past.

It is past time to make local developers pay realistic taxes and new development fees for any new multi family development or neighborhood they want to build so that Fairhope can catch up our infrastructure up to where it kneed so to be. There should be 1 million dollar minimum infrastructure fee for any new neighborhood larger than 50 homes or apartments - that's right a $20k per unit development infrastructure fee going forward to support infrastructure costs. And that probably not enough to support constant increase in schools, teachers, fire, police, water, sewer and water treatment, city services, etc.

Anonymous said...

Just say no.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

totally agree on the impact fees, let them pay the price. Growth is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the impact fees. The developers are making a killing right now b/c Fairhope property is in such high demand. I doubt any of them would even blink an eye, particularly if they are allowed to defer payment to the city until the closing of the house to the first buyer.

Anonymous said...

New property owners provide annual revenue necessary to operate the City. The City is a business and the expenses rise annually.
So, let's just Stop all growth and raise taxes annually to offset ever increasing expenses. I guess we could cut back on services or
Have a "reduction in force" to help offset ever increasing expenses. No, no we can't fire some of the best municipal workers
In the coastal area, which make up a staff that by most accounts is already overwhelmed. So, I guess we have little choice,
We'll just have to raise taxes every year. Yes, let's CLOSE THE DOORS and hope all these revenue and expenses problems
Just go away! Oh, you all want your cake and eat it too!!! Good luck with that! It really is too bad "Ignorance isn't more painful"!

Anonymous said...

Fairhope can raise impact fees to a level that adequately and accurately reflects additional infrastructure costs associated with growth so that growth is managed in a controlled and orderly manner.

And if ignorance was actually painful some of the folks posting would not be able to work their keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Raise the impact fees, great idea, so how then does a developer recoup or
maximise his or her ROI? Historically, the best way is propose multi-family
PUDS........Apartments! Well, well, well.....damned if you and damned if you don't!
By the way, ignorance is a chosen character flaw and limiting your sources of
Information, only serves as fertilizer for the healthy growth of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

More traffic, more taxes.... We all pay as citizens but the predatory developers make the money at OUR quality of life. The Georgia Mafia MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who are the Georgia Mafia?