Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fairhope Council Runoff Election Underway

Fairhope, Alabama


campaigning red line
According to one of the candidates, about a thousand voters had cast ballots early this afternoon in the runoff election for council place three between incumbent Diana Brewer and Jimmy Conyers.

Turnout for runoff elections is traditionally much less than the general; Brewer barely got the most votes in that three way race on August 23rd, but not over 50%.

Both candidates were seen waving signs at city hall, at various distances from the red-line minimum legal distance from the polling entrance.

The race is considered a toss-up by most local political observers; the poll will be open until 7PM.

Diana Brewer

Jimmy Conyers at right


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Conyers has run a clean honest race. He is the one for this seat without question. An important asset aiding in a smooth transition for new mayor and council. We don't need four years of power struggles and road blocks and agendas between this group. This guy will move things along as a team player. He is for schools family environment and the people.

Anonymous said...

Both are high quality people. Too bad bad both can not win.

Anonymous said...

Brewer is a hard worker and deserves another term.

Anonymous said...

Both were solid candidates but I would pick Conyers since he is a banker/businessperson and the Council could use a banker
(His experience). He has a strong following in Gulf Shores through Kiwanis and may be a countywide player later. Congrats to the candidates for running clean campaigns. We aren't seeing that in the Presidential race for sure.

Anonymous said...

Councilman Kevin Boone voted for the apartments three or four times yet somehow was the only one who escaped the wrath of the Rock Creekers and FRG gang?

Odd, wonder what secret deals were made behind the scenes?

Anonymous said...

Who are the FRG Gang?

Susan said...

The Fairhope Realty Group whose owner and many of its agents opposed the fly creek apartments

Anonymous said...

In that case, I am so very grateful that they fought for the integrity of the city of Fairhope. If I ever sell my home here, I will list with FRG!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. FRG will be my first choice if I buy or sell again.