Saturday, November 19, 2016

City Gets International Recognition For Floral Arrangements

Fairhope, Alabama

Mayor Wilson presented Saskatchewan, Canada flag


Fidler, second from left
City Horticulturist Fidler presented Mayor Wilson with the flag of the Province of  Saskatchewan, Canada  where the city was recognized recently during the International Communities in Bloom competition symposium held there in the city of Regina.

Fidler said last year's award for 'best in class city' at the 'America in Bloom' competition in Michigan qualified the city for the international competition this year.

Two international judges visited here last summer and evaluated for criteria like tidiness, floral arrangements, landscaping, heritage preservation and overall impression.

Competing against five other cities in the class, Fairhope came in second this time with with a '5 bloom silver' designation, just two points out of first place -- and honorable mention for floral arrangements.

Fidler said she spoke to the group for about twenty minutes about our year round growing season and how we "celebrate every season with flowers": some of the competition from northern climates plant only for one or two.

Jo Hogan of the tree committee accompanied Fidler to the event.

(Note: Ms. Fidler often dresses for such events in the traditional fashion of her Czech/Bohemian heritage)

Fairhope's flag exchanged in Canada

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Wow, no comments about how Jennifer went out of country to get award this time. Just thank you and appreciate the flag. All smiles