Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fairhope Soccer Complex Now Expected To Open By February

Fairhope, Alabama

Fairhope Soccer Complex restrooms

Construction of restrooms and concession stands is underway at the Fairhope Soccer Complex at the corner of Manley Road and CR 13: completion should be in time for February matches but by Spring tournaments at the latest.

The city and Single Tax Corporation provided $300K each to the Fairhope Soccer Club, which contracted to build the restrooms.

It had been announced that the annual Fall Halloween tournament was to be held there, but it was decided to use existing fields at Founder's park and Daphne's Trione park instead.

The FSC has been raising funds for additional equipment like goals and spectator seating; no additional funds have been requested yet from the city for completion, to our knowledge.

City crews have been installing parking lot lighting as well.

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Anonymous said...

It's ashame now after elections are over the the FSC fesses up that they were the ones that agreed to providing bathrooms,concessions,and bleachers. Just like the library people that got all kind of I owe yous that never paid up and the city and single tax has to pay up again.