Monday, November 21, 2016

Updated: Popular Fairhope Takeout Restaurant Relocating

Fairhope, Alabama

Updated: According to an informed source, 'Courntey and Morris Real Estate' and 'Feather Your Nest Interiors' will also be locating in the S. Mobile Street building.

Mobile St. at Nelson Dr.

The 'Chive Talkin' (click) restaurant/caterer currently located on S. Section Street across from the city's Public Works facility is relocating to a vacant building on south Mobile Street at Nelson Drive, according to a building department official.
Current S. Section St. location

The building was formerly a gas station but has been vacant for over ten years.

Two other businesses may locate in parts of the building as well, according to the official.


Anonymous said...

It was a Fire that took it out not storm surge.

Anonymous said...

thought the city wanted to puchase it?

Anonymous said...

My office was two doors from this property in 2004 and there definite was no storm surge!