Monday, December 19, 2016

Highway 98 Trail/Sidewalk Being Completed

Fairhope, Alabama

North U.S. 98 trail construction (looking north)


A sidewalk has been completed along Highway 104 from N. Section Street to Greeno Road and construction of the multi-purpose trail north along U.S. 98 to South Blvd (Rock Creek) is finally underway as well.

The concrete sidewalk is 5' wide but the walking/biking trail will be asphalt and 8' wide, with a bridge and wooden boardwalk over Fly Creek.

The project connects with existing trails/sidewalks along Greeno Rd.  and the Eastern Shore Trail along Section Street: it was funded using federal Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) grants with a required 20% local match.

Arlington Curb and Construction of Flomaton Al. was the low bidder at about $630K for both projects.

Sidewalks and trails offer an alternative to vehicular travel in highly congested areas.

Highway 104 sidewalk completed (looking west)


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of encouraging more cycling and walking but this path along Hwy 98 is completely stupid place top put a path. What a waste of time and tax payer dollars. Who wants to walk on a path that is right next to a road filled with obnoxious noise and pollution of hundreds of cars and trucks speeding by. There are so many better quieter places to build a nice path in and around Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more with the previous comment ! Total waste of money! Why can they not put a sidewalk in the neighborhoods close to the Bay (such as, but not limited to Fruit and Nut)? On any day you will see people walking, with dogs and/or strollers, joggers, etc and very little access to a sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

Complain about everything.