Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Luxury 'Motorcoach Resort' Approved For East Side

Fairhope, Alabama

UPDATE: This project is actually located further east in the picture, past the tree line.

Hwy 104 east of Higbee Road


The Planning Commission approved plans for an upscale motor-coach park for 39 acres on the north side of Highway 104, east of Higbee Road.

(Editor's note: This meeting occurred earlier this month, before the current six-month development moratorium commenced.)

Phase one will consist of 45 lots to be sold, not rented -- with space on each lot for the motorhome and a small, permanent micro-cottage/bungalow if the owner chooses to construct one.
typical "motorcoach"

Since the area is outside of city limits in un-zoned Baldwin County, the county Planning Commission had already given its approval; but the city does have limited jurisdiction as well within its five mile planning jurisdiction.

Developer Pat Achee told the commission "the time is right ... people with these coaches want to come here ... spend two or three months ... no spaces available now."

An engineer for the developer called it a "high end project ... not a RV park ... or campground": the lots will be purchased, individually owned and governed by covenants like with a traditional homeowner's association.

A traffic study was completed and ALDOT had granted them an access drive from the highway he said (no traffic light or turning lane).

Such motor coaches cost over $225K and are usually owned by retirees over sixty years of age who travel full time, Achee added.

Achee standing

One direct neighbor worried about noise from generators on the coaches and was told that it would be required they hook up to "shore power" while parked there so generators would not be running all the time: they may run periodically though.

Another neighbor was concerned about the explosive residential development along that stretch of Highway 104 and the long term prospects for motorhome resort there: could it become a conventional RV park in ten years?

The motorhomes will not be visible from the highway and since residents have not-yet adopted zoning in that area, there is no way to control land use at this time.

No timeline for construction was mentioned.


Conrad said...

Something different. At least it's not another subdivision full of McMansions. This seems pretty well thought out.

Anonymous said...

Bettter lower the speed limit through there and enforce it better.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the developer had to "sell" us on the high end RV's equates to selling ice to eskimos. I don't want to live next to Nascar Tailgating- do you? If the planning commission approves an Upscale RV park in the lot next to their homes- than I say ok. Until then, it's not appropriate for Fairhope. We are NOT a transient community.

Anonymous said...

"We are NOT a transient community" ... are you kidding me!

If anyone would do the research on this issue they will find older Americans are selling their homes to buy a condo on wheels. Many will purchase a lot of this nature for a 'home base' then travel around the country returning back when they chose.

Having a motorhome is no different than having a summer home or a second home. Most have more square feet than many one-bedroom condos, the beauty of this is you can take your condo around the country. Having a cottage beside the motorhome is even better.

Many homes here in Fairhope are the second home, to make a statement of this sort is comical, please do your research before you engage your...

Drive down to Orange Beach and check a few of these type of communities out.

This only issue that one could see is if this motorcoach community allows 5th-wheels or campers. If this is going to be a motorcoach community then it should not allow any coaches under 40 feet in the property.

One final note, when you do your research, most of the motorcoaches that are 45 feet cost or start around $450,000 and one that is pictured cost around $1,700,00. Those that can afford these type of coaches are highly educated, and great people.

In fair disclosure, I sold my home in 2012, and have been living in our motorhome since. Love the lifestyle and yes, my spouse and I are both professionals with advanced degrees!

Anonymous said...

Fhope is very much a transit community especially if you live within a few blocks of town where on some streets over half of the houses are short term rentals.

Anonymous said...

Well if the moratorium on development does allow this then the moratorium is MUTE.Total of 45 units will have to allow a sewage connect that will incurr algicide in the tanks of the motor home unit.This is already illegal in the city sewer system if not mistaken.It can't dump in a epic tank,for it changes the enzymes in the system that will cause a failure.
Fairhope is NOT a transient medium stay city.It is usually a minimum of 30 day stay you rent your property.Now If the lots are SOLD as said what is tho stop the owner from weekly rentals?Just as is done with many private homes.As it is along CR 1 this is a no no.If these questions are mute then the planning and zoning efforts are as well.

Publisher said...

This was approved earlier in the month, before the moratorium took effect.

Sewer service will be city of Fairhope according to the project's engineer.

Anonymous said...

The short term rentals near me are rented by the day, week or month. Seems many on here only know about their own little knot hole not the big picture of all that goes on in Fhope.

Anonymous said...

I think that the short term rentals in the fruit and nut are supposed to be for a minimum of 6 months; however, there are some that appear to be rented out for weekends. As long as the occupants are respectful of the neighborhood, they blend in and no one cares.

Anonymous said...

I am assuming that your advanced degree did not include economics as you have made poor financial decisions. Selling a home in 2012. Buying a motorized vehicle which depreciates . Smh. Bragging about it as well

Anonymous said...

Indeed I have many classes in economics, my advance degree is in business and currently working on a doctoral degree in business. I owned the coach before I sold my house, and you are correct they do depreciate but you are making an assumption that I paid retail!

I purchased my coach during the economic downturn (great recession) and maybe my depreciation was limited. Perhaps I purchased this coach for a great price and could sell it today for close to what I paid for it. Before you make an assumption, not all the facts.

AND BTW, my spouse is a

Anonymous said...

Spin it anyway you want. A motorized vehicle is a poor investment. Selling your home in 2012 was a poor decision. All of the degrees yet still less than smart.

Anonymous said...

If someone has the money to putchase a class A motor home I'd say their pretty smart. Coctails anyone?

Publisher said...

No more repetitive comments ... please ... .

Anonymous said...

What a mess this zoning and planning has become.Wonder who got paid for this one? Baldwin Co Alabama a good lawyer knows the law and better one knows the Judge.See last local ballot were most ran unposed and no report of no confidence vote tally.

Publisher said...

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