Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Downtown Parking Lot Nearing Completion

Fairhope, Alabama

pavers over tree roots


Workers are putting the finishing touches on the new 55-space parking lot behind the library.

Located on city property, but funded by the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation using rent received from its colony land lessees, the city will take over maintenance after completion.

Environmentally friendly concrete pavers (reduce storm water runoff) are being used for the parking spaces; the driveway will be asphalt except over the roots of a large magnolia tree where pavers will be used as well.

Extensive landscaping is planned in the area, and the Times has learned that some additional art work may be installed there as well.

The final cost is not known since it is a privately-funded project but earlier estimates were about $450K.  (click)


Dwight S. said...

My kids participate in the walking school bus every morning. Before the kids would walk to school in the mornings, the kids would run and play games in this lot. My son was devastated that this lot was turned into a parking lot where they "can't play anymore". He even wanted to speak to the mayor about it, he was so upset. He really had a hard time understanding why they couldn't have a place to play. We were both sad to see this fun, green space taken away that the kids enjoyed. Now, they just wait on the sidewalk till it's time to walk to school. I hope the tourists enjoy it now.

Anonymous said...

I would like to read the final cost on completion of this parking lot. It seems to me they have been working on it for months! It's a parking lot, for heavens sake! Couldn't they just put down some gravel? Art Work,Really?????

Anonymous said...

YAY, parking. More parking is greatly needed.

Anonymous said...

What about the root damaged oaktrees??? It's a damn shame they weren't more careful around these lovely shade trees...I for one, will miss their wonderful shade when hot hot summer comes!!!

Anonymous said...

What an absolute waste of money. To gain what, 55 parking spaces? This city is ran by a bunch of morons. Fairhope is a joke. I was born and raised in Fairhope and it's turning into a Concrete Jungle. I parked in the parking deck for the Christmas parade. Guess what, the very top and second to top level we're almost completely empty. There's over 55 parking spaces in the top-level alone. There is absolutely no need for additional parking if people would learn to use the parking deck and quit being so scared to walk an extra block or two to get to the little store where they plan on spending their money.

Anonymous said...

Honestly most tourist and newer residents don't even know that parking garage exist. Some better signage about the location would be helpful and very inexpensive.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Faulkner students can use it instead of choking up private parking lots as well as downtown parking spaces!!! That school really does need to provide parking for its students!!

Anonymous said...

When Faulkner and the City made the deal it included the parking spaces. Maybe employees should use the parking garage instead of using the business spots out in front of the stores.

Anonymous said...

"Take paradise and put up a parking lot"