Saturday, December 10, 2016

Steadman's Landing Boardwalk Replacement Underway

Fairhope, Alabama


A boardwalk at the end of Sibley Street in Montrose (in the county's jurisdiction) that was washed away during the April 2014 super-rainstorm is finally being replaced using a federal Transportation Alternatives Grant (TAP) which will cover 80% of the cost to the county.

Blade Construction Llc. was the low-bidder at $213K.

There was some discussion at one time about the city taking over responsibility for the area after repairs -- but nothing was ever decided to our knowledge.


Anonymous said...

way to much money!

Anonymous said...

Where's the FSTC when they are needed!!!

Anonymous said...

A Transportation Alternative Grant (TAP). Does that mean it doesn't cost the taxpayers any money? Is this one of those, "if we didn't take the money, someone else would get it?"

These grants from the federal government need to be eliminated. If the local citizens want a walkway, then we should be required to pay for it. No wonder our country has a twenty trillion dollar deficit!!

BTW, the walkway on Hwy. 98 from Rock Creek to Hwy 104 is another walkway paid for by the feds under the TAP program.